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Where are Lumilights made?

Lumilight houses are designed and made in the UK, The solar units and bulb holders are made in China.

What is my Lumilight made from?

The housing is made from sustainably sourced Scandinavian birch or poplar plywood. The electronic circuit features a proprietary ultra efficient mini photovoltaic cell powering a rechargeable 2032 3.6V Battery. All packaging is recyclable and sustainably sourced.

How Bright is a Lumilight?

The micro LED in the solar unit of a Lumilight emits a soft warming orange glow. It isn't a bright light so don't count on using it as a lantern in a power cut or as a bedside lamp! If you want a brighter lamp or night light then please choose a Lumilight Grand (mains powered lamp)

Are Lumilights guaranteed?

Yes, Lumilights are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 1 year.

Can Lumilights be painted?

Of course! If you’re feeling artistic why not paint your Lumilight, we recommend using non toxic acrylic paints for the best results. Don't paint the solar unit!

Are Lumilights suitable for children?

Yes, the original Lumilight was designed as a child's nightlight. They are perfect for children's bedrooms as they provide a lovely reassuring glow however they aren't toys. Lumilights should be kept out of reach of smaller children and babies as they may contain small parts. Assembly should be supervised or conducted entirely by an adult (you know your child's abilities better than we do but they may need a helping hand!)

Can I order a Lumilight from outside of the UK?

Certainly! You can order from anywhere in the world and also choose to have your Lumilight delivered to any address worldwide so why not send one to a friend.