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Solar or USB powered ?

Our smaller Lumilights come with the option of being either solar or USB powered. For a standard mains powered Lumilight look at our Lumilight Grand range.


The 1.6m cable has a USB A plug on one end and three amber LED's on a self adhesive strip at the other end. These give out a lovely soft glow. The USB A can be plugged into any number of USB sockets or chargers.



The solar panel & LED (light) unit is a beautiful little piece of electronics! 

The mini solar panel has a peel away self adhesive surround which allows it to be easily stuck to the roof.

There is a little switch beside the solar panel which turns the LED light on and off as required.

The LED light is located on the back side of the solar panel.
The solar panel charges the LED battery during the day so that it is ready to be switched on at night. 

We suggest you place your Lumilight on a windowsill (or other bright location) to charge it up. Natural light will charge your unit most successfully, the brighter it is, the faster your unit will charge. If it's a very gloomy day your Lumilight can also be charged underneath a bright electric lights.

If you accidentally forget to switch the light off in the morning it will either simply decharge (the battery can last over 24 hours if fully charged so it may still be going the next evening!) or when the light in the room becomes bright enough to charge the battery the LED light will automatically switch itself off.