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Boat Nightlight

Boat Nightlight


The Wave hopper scours the coves and coastal waters in search of nature’s bounty.  There’s nothing like the taste of fish straight off the boat. Hold tight, it can get choppy!

The first Lumilight was created for the young daughter of founder Chris Champion in the quaint and idyllic county of Derbyshire, England. It soon became clear that there was strong demand for these lights from adults too! Lumilights make a fun and stylish home decoration. They are quick to make, long lasting, and make a perfect gift, not least because they are flat packed so are very easy and affordable to post to a loved one anywhere in the world.

Why not build a collection and make a Lumilight village? They certainly look great in your window on a dark night!

Available in USB or Solar powered options (help me choose)

Parcel contains everything you need :

Flat packed poplar wood boat.

Solar LED light unit  or USB power cable 

Instructions and info card

How long will it take to make?

Under 5 minutes (much less if you’ve got quick fingers!)

How long will it last? Years, the solar light will recharge time and time again. Just place on a window sill or another bright location during the daytime and by night it’ll be ready to switch on again.

Completed Size

17 x  9 x 11cm (width x depth x height)

Ships Worldwide  FREE UK DELIVERY

Guaranteed for 1 year.

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